3 Proven Yoga Asanas for Male Fertility


Are you searching for the best-proven yoga asanas for male fertility? Asana is a Yoga term for a place and posture in which the practitioner sits. This post looks at 3 proven yoga asanas for male fertility and how they help you.

• Cobra Pose
The cobra pose opens up your chest and lung areas. The result is that you increase blood flow to your reproductive and pelvic organs. It involves lying flat on the ground on your stomach. Your hand’s palms should be down on the floor below your shoulders while your feet should be top down on the floor.
Breathing deep and exhaling slowly, lift the upper part of your body, arch your neck and back while pressing your legs, hips and feet downwards. Hold the pose for 15-30 seconds as you breathe naturally.
Release the pose and reverse to lying flat on the floor. The cobra pose enables you to enjoy the stretching sensation as you focus on breathing, which lets you exhale your anxieties.

• Supported Bridge Pose
This yoga asana pose for male fertility involves you raising your body into a bridge formation. It allows your pelvic region to expand and open. The result is that you increase your blood flow and enables stimulation to occur on the lower parts of your body.

• Butterfly Pose
The butterfly pose involves you putting your feet together. You then pull them close to your body while keeping your back straight. Rest your hands on your legs and breathe deeply.
Close your eyes and focus on the internal organs that are in the pelvic area. Visualize blood flowing to this area while relaxing your muscles around the area.

The above yoga asanas for male fertility have been proven to work. Consider joining yoga clubs to enjoy practicing them.